Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts


Do you identify as an introvert and extrovert? I’m an ESFJ, meaning I’m not an Introvert, and I definitely find myself getting energized from being in a social setting. What I took away from Susan Cain’s talk is how she viewed things from a very different perspective than I normally do. I’m interested by Introverts, […]

TEDx Kalamazoo hosting Salons! Apply for TEDxKalamazoo!

Kalamazoo, MI – TEDxKalamazoo is pleased to announce this year’s lineup of events! We will hold 2 salon events, January and February, with a main event in June. TEDxKalamazoo Startups On January 22, TEDxKalamazoo is hosting their first event at Starting Gate. Starting Gate is Western Michigan University’s Startup accelerator, which was developed to help […]