Can we teach kids to be entrepreneurs?

I totally identify with Cameron. Growing up, I loved money! I love to make it, I loved to spend it, and I loved to come up with new ways to get people to part with it. Each of my ventures never held the test of time.

Why a maze book didn’t make me millions I will never know!

Looking back, why couldn’t a maze book club turn into the next big publishing company is a much harder question to answer.

The 6 of us who made maze books all summer then went to public parks, little league games and even door to door selling them for $.50 a piece. Couldn’t we have kept making them and branching out to other genres, crosswords, word searches, fiction… You get the picture.

Next stop, big time publishing.

Cameron Herold in “Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs” believes our school system that teaches kids to “Get a good job” is the problem.

Here are a few Statistics about small business:

  • There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. —
  • SMBs outnumber corporations 1162 to 1
  • Small businesses employ 57% of the country’s private workforce
  • 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person

**All data from United States Small Business Association Office of Advocacy

Instead, let’s get kids taking part in entrepreneurial activities like, giving speeches, teaching each other new skills, trying to build new clubs and communities, brainstorm solutions for things they don’t like and present on it in class or to business people.

So why are we pushing kids to get a job at some big company? What do you think?!

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Written By Daniel Proczko